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Hi and welcome to my personal site…. As of Septmeber 11th, 2019, I realise my personal site is in dire desire of a facelift and upgrade

I’ll start my story from when I finished High School at Scotch College, Perth in 1984. I’ve had an array of jobs since I was 17 (actually since I was 12 years old if I include my Saturday job selling programs at the gate of our local footy matches at Subiaco Oval during winter). After High School, I spent my first 6 months working as an outside clerk for a legal firm in the Perth CBD before accepting an offer from my brother Russell to join him in the country so I spent the next couple of years in Condingup near Esperance living on a farm and did everything from roust-a-bouting and crutching sheep to working in the local grain bins at CBH at harvest time so I am accustomed to what hard work is all about.

During that time in the country, I saved enough money to travel to London and Europe for 6 months before returning home to Perth in late 1987 where I enrolled in a Hotel Management course at Tafe for the years of 88 and 89 so I have a background in hospitality which spanned another 2 years before the travel bug struck again. I then travelled around Australia in 1990 with 3 friends from College before ending up in Airlie Beach QLD where I worked 2 jobs to save enough money to take advantage of a working/holiday visa I was accepted for in Canada. I spent my first several months at Whistler working for one of the mountains where I learned to ski and had an amazing time.

Whilst travelling to London, Ontario, I found myself broke and unemployed and this is where I cut my teeth in Direct Sales and Marketing. After being sponsored by the owner of this company, I spent the next several years in North America running my own sales company and working in cities such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, St Louis, Miami, New York and Phoenix. In 1998, I returned home to Australia and contracted my services in Business Development to the Cobra Group. After 8 years there, I had a couple of clients that loved my customer acquisition programs from the Cobra Group days who wanted to continue their business relationship with me personally, so since late 2006, I have been working from home and found I really enjoyed the flexibility and lifestyle it provided… This has allowed me to make a full time income whilst only working part time hours affording me the time to look at and explore additional opportunities.

At the beginning of 2007, I met my beautiful wife to be at a friend’s wedding and was married at the end of 2008 to Tracey. I was a bachelor until I was 41 and we now have a beautiful boy and a baby girl 15 months apart.
During the last several years, I have found myself researching and dabbling in a variety of different business opportunities in my spare time including MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunities where I joined the NFL club which stands for No Friends Left….ha, ha… but seriously, I’ve signed up to a few scams and shams as well that looked really good on the surface but turned out that they were just designed to fleece money out of people like me who were wanting more from their life! Other companies I tried either had no congruency between what they were offering and what they actually delivered (as in their product and/or service). A lot of valuable life experiences were gained but I didn’t lose hope in finding the right business opportunity that would enable me to create a significant income whilst still having a work/life balance that allowed me to spend most of my time doing what I wanted to do (which is spending as much of my waking hours with my beautiful wife and 2 children).

Being self employed currently and having worked from home for the last several years, we do ok financially day to day so you could say we are comfortable (but definitely not satisfied). We both want to build a significant income so that we can realise our goals and dreams, some of which include spending a majority of our time with our children so that we can play a significant role in developing their personalities, ethics, beliefs and values. Also, having the opportunity to travel and explore our own backyard here in Australia as well as overseas. It’s attractive to us as we feel seeing how other people live is a great way for our children to appreciate the lifestyle they have in Australia and not take things for granted as so many do. Designing and building our dream home in an area close to the ocean (semi rural big block) with our own pool and dog(s) is another one of our major goals.

Eventually, my wife’s dream is to be able to open a Health & Wellness retreat where people would come to learn how to treat themselves well and take away with them the necessary tools and skills so they can implement them within their own families. The opportunity to empower others to create a healthier, fitter and happier lifestyle is a goal that is extremely admirable and I firmly believe in what Tracey is endeavouring to accomplish.

I read somewhere recently that 0.8% of deaths are from homicide but 60%+ are from a poor diet and lifestyle yet you know which one receives more attention in the media! Her goal is very admirable and her current business Fit-Bits is now in its 6th year and doing very well with many satisfied past and current clients singing Tracey’s praises.

Ultimately, a happy life is about having choices to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, as often as we want without having to think, “Can we afford to do this?”…or “Can we take the time off work to do this”…. We want to be in a position where money (or a lack of it) does not control our lives so we are making a conscious effort to take control of that aspect of our lives and to create an abundance of it.

The current business we have recently come across has been well researched by myself and my wife for that matter. I’m excited doubly as it’s the 1st business that I’ve run past her that she’s actually been excited about herself. I’ve learned from my previous mistakes and misfortunes and this business has such a great ‘synergy’ about it in that it not only fits in with Tracey’s current business in helping people look and feel good on the inside, this business helps people also look and feel great on the outside. If you asked me several years ago would I have ever got involved in Skin Care, I would most likely have laughed. After researching the industry and realising it’s now a $400 Billion Industry on an annual basis and flying to Melbourne in February of 2014 to meet the owners of Seacret and several Seacret Agents from Canada and the USA, I was convinced I had discovered not only a great company with great people at the top who were 100% congruent with their products, but also a fabulous opportunity that would provide us with fantastic vehicle to achieve our goals and dreams.

We have now moved one of those goals and dreams from our ‘wish list’ to our ‘going to do list’ and we now have a date to accomplish it by as well as a means of how to make it happen! In 2016, we will be taking a Gap Year to travel Australia with the kids before Caelan starts Primary School in 2017. There’s a great deal of planning to take place between now and then over the next 20 months or so including – How will we travel? – Where will we travel to? – How do we earn an income on the road without a regular job so that we don’t go backwards financially? … plus many other questions we haven’t even thought of yet! Whilst we feel we have the found the business that will allow us to create the income whilst traveling, the answers to other questions, we hope to gain insight from those who visit my personal blog here, as well as our travel blog I am in the process of setting up where we will make it interactive so that people who have already done what we are proposing to do can leave us suggestions as to what worked for them and their favourite places they visited….

We have come to the realisation that by helping ourselves to become better people and achieve our own goals and dreams, we can also help inspire other people to do the same and that resonates very strongly within my core beliefs and values. Everything that I have done and learned in my life’s journey thus far has prepared me for this current opportunity.

If what I say resonates with you, then please contact me. I would love it if you would follow or join me and my family on this amazing journey as we go about achieving our goals and improving the quality of our personal relationships, finances and lifestyle. I look forward to getting to know you and your families either in our home city of Perth or on our travels around Australia in 2016 and hope that we may provide some inspiration to yourselves and others with our story as it continues to evolve…..

All the best and thank you for stopping by.

Nicholas Fudge

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If you would like to contact Nick Fudge to learn more about how we plan to fund our trip around Australia or to offer any assistance or advice as to how or where we should travel within Australia, then please submit your details below….. I look forward to your feedback and also, to meeting you and your family in person one day soon.

Thanks, Nick.


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